A Do It Yourself List To Home And Office Insulation And Draught Proofing To Save Money

Posted by Gary Fisher | Finance | Thursday 29 December 2011

Drafts can cause headaches when trying to heat or cool a home. Performing a home and office insulation and draught proofing to save money project will remove any pesky openings that are causing the loss of energy and raising bills. By following a few steps the project can be completed very easily.

Safety can make or break a project. In order to be safe performing a project like this a few items will be needed. Eye glasses can help keep dust and particles from falling into the eyes. This is especially important when working with material of this type because if it gets in the eyes it is like tiny shards of glass and can cause a lot of discomfort.

The second is to wear a long sleeve shirt to keep material particles off of bare skin. If material particles get on the skin it will become itchy and irritated. The last item to get is a pair of gloves that will protect the bare skin. Once the safety equipment has been gathered it is time to move onto the tools.

For the energy saving material installation the tools that are required consist of a staple gun with additional staples. A tape measure will also be required for measuring area prior to the application process. A box knife works the best for cutting this material so having one handy is a good idea before starting.

For the draft proofing portion the tools include a lighter or candle, a caulk gun and caulk. These items will not only help find the area that is affected but will also help get rid of it. If the draft is found to be coming from a door there are special kits available for doors that can be installed with screws and a drill.

Once everything has been collected it is time to begin the installation. Using the measuring tape take a measurement of the installation area. After the length has been determined use the box cutter to remove a strip. The material can be held in place by static electricity providing a hands free environment. After placing the material it is time to use the staple gun and put a staple in every foot starting at the top and going to the bottom.

When properly draft proofing the first step is to use a candle or lighter to find where the draft is coming in from. After finding the drafts location, use the caulking gun and the caulk material to seal up the affected area. By squeezing the guns trigger apply the caulk to the drafts source.

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